Equitable Sensor Location Problems

Session : PPP-4 / Placement, Partionnement, Packing
Vendredi 12 février 10:30 - 11:50 Salle : CI2-22
Hanan Luss, Dritan Nace, Michael Poss et Marcio Costa Santos

Consider the problem of installing facilities at strategic locations in order to monitor and protect numerous important locations. Each location can be simultaneously protected by multiple facilities. For example, suppose the facilities are sensors that monitor locations as protection against undesired intrusions. Concrete examples include airports where various locations, such as terminals, baggage areas, control towers, gates, runways, etc. must be protected. The objective is to provide equitable protection to all locations when the number of sensors that can be placed and their surveillance capacity is limited and this for a finite set of scenarios.

Mots clés : Location problems, Max-min fairness, Integer Linear Programming