Modeling and Solving a Static Relocation Problem at a Tactical Level

Session : SS1-3 / SS1 : Challenging Mixed-Integer Problems in Network Optimization
Vendredi 12 février 10:30 - 11:50 Salle : CI2-06
Nastaran Rahmani, Nabil Absi et Dominique Feillet

In this work, a new variant of relocation problem is studied at a tactical level. The problem is originated by the industrial project, 4TRAX, which is in collaboration with the shipping group CMA-CGM. Four different formulations are proposed for the problem. As the problem is strongly NP-complete, we have proposed a matheuristic approach. To assess the efficiency of the proposed models and the algorithm an extensive experiment is conducted. Numerical results show that the standard MILP solver cannot find good quality primal bound for a certain set of instances.

Mots clés : relocation, container logistics, matheuristic