Strategic planning of phytosanitary treatments in Wineries

Session : SS13-1 / SS13 : Méthodes d'optimisation pour l'ordonnancement et la planification
Jeudi 11 février 15:00 - 16:40 Salle : CI2-05
Agnès Le Roux, Boris Detienne, Ruslan Sadykov, Issam Tahiri, Alexis Toullat et François Vanderbeck

We work on a problem of planning the phytosanitary treatments of the vineyards. The problem is to decide the dates and the machines used for spreading the treatments on each site such that all the diseases are covered during their active periods. Some legal constraints must also be respected such as the maximum tolerance of toxic components used on the vineyard. The objective is to minimize the machine leasing costs, the travel costs to the sector and the costs related to the product use. We use a column generation approach to solve this problem and developed a dedicated dynamic program for the pricing problem. We perform tests on a real data set and compare a direct approach (compact formulation) with the column generation method.

Mots clés : Column generation, extended formulation, dyanmic programming, phytosanitary treatments