Green Hub-location Routing problem for LTL transport : model and solution

Session : LTSS3-1 / LTSS3 : Conception et gestion de réseau logistique
Mercredi 10 février 11:00 - 12:20 Salle : GI042
Xiao Yang, Nathalie Bostel, Pierre Dejax et Marc Paquet

Hub location-routing problem (HLRP) can be viewed as a combination of multi-depot vehicle routing problem and hub location problem. Given determined points of potential hubs and non-hub nodes, HLRP deals with the location of open hubs, as well as the assignment of non-hub nodes so as to minimize the total network cost. Green HLRP considers environment aspect (CO2 emissions) into HLRP. The proposed issue is to work on the design of hub network in which collections and deliveries are done separately through multi-stop routes. A bi-objective model is built and devoted to minimize both the cost and the CO2 emissions during three phases: (1) the collection phase from suppliers to hubs, (2) the inter-hub transfer phase for each pair of open hubs, and (3) the delivery phase from hubs to clients. Moreover, computational experiments have been conducted to solve the model, followed by further research on metaheuristic method.

Mots clés : transprotation, green hub-location routing, less-than-truck load