Operations Research and Signal Processing on graphs : case of sampling and perfect reconstructing tasks

Session : PLNE / Programmation linéaire en nombres entiers
Mercredi 10 février 11:00 - 12:40 Salle : CI2-06
Pascal Bianchi, Valeria Borodin, Faicel Hnaien, Nacima Labadie et Hichem Snoussi

For many environmental monitoring applications, a faithful mapping of a spatio-temporal phenomena expanded over a physical limited location represents a primordial task. Recent years have witnessed a remarkable expansion of signal processing on graphs. Researches in this emerging domain attracts more and more interest, especially when Operations Research tools can be used to solve the different problems that are raised. In this context, the current paper deals with the problem of perfect signal reconstruction from a sampled graph signal, which entails the resolution of integer linear models.

Mots clés : signal processing, perfect reconstruction, cutt-off frequency, operations research, maximum cut problem