Multiobjective car relocation problem in one-way carsharing system

Session : SS2-4 / SS2 : Application et théorie de l’optimisation multiobjectif
Vendredi 12 février 10:30 - 11:50 Salle : RP8
Laurent Moalic, Mohammad Dib, Alexandre Caminada et Rabih Zakaria

In this paper, we present a multiobjective approach for solving the one-way car relocation problem. We fixed three objectives that include the number of remaining rejected demands, the number of jockeys used for the relocation operations and the total time used by these jockeys. For this sake, we propose to apply two algorithms namely NSGA-II and memetic algorithm (MA). The NSGA-II is used as a reference to compare the performance of MA. The comparison of the approximation sets obtained by both algorithms shows that the solutions generated by the MA are much better than the solutions generated by NSGA-II. This observation is proved by the comparison of the different quality indicators values that are used to compare the performance of each algorithm. Results show that the MA is promising to generate very good solutions for the multiobjective car relocation problem in one-way carsharing system. These findings are motivating to continue the research on this approach for solving the car relocation problem in order to explore the capacity of this approach and to work on a decision maker tool that facilitates the decision making for carsharing operators.

Mots clés : Carsharing, Multi-Objective Optimization, Memetic algorithm