Vehicle routing for the communication of time-dependent information

Session : LTSS5-2 / LTSS5 : Problèmes de transport riches
Mercredi 10 février 15:00 - 16:00 Salle : GI041
Luis Ernesto Flores Luyo, Rosa Figueiredo, Eladio Ocana et Philippe Michelon

In this work we have stations represented by a set of nodes V and directed paths between stations represented by a set of arcs A. Each node accumulates information that linearly depends on the time elapsed since the last extraction. A base station s ∈ V is the only point of communication with the outside. A vehicle based on the base station is responsible for collecting the information from each node. Some stations can transfer information to the vehicle by using wireless communication. In that case, the time for transmission depends on the amount of information transmitted, the distance between nodes, and the equipment installed in the receiving station information. The problem is to define routes for the vehicle and also to decide how to collect the information in a way that the amount of information collected to a finite time T is maximized.

Mots clés : Vehicle Routing Problem, Mixed Integer Programming, Wireless Communication