An optimization framework for membrane system automatic parameter tuning

Session : SS12 / SS12 : Programmation non-linéaire en variables mixtes entières
Jeudi 11 février 15:00 - 16:40 Salle : CI2-07
Magda Krzaczkowska, Bernardetta Addis, Roda Bounaceur, Eric Favre, Ammar Oulamara et Veronica Piccialli

The search for alternatives to traditional energy intensive separation methods such as distillation has led to the introduction of processes based on membranes. Membrane separation processes are becoming increasingly important in the chemical process industries. Environmental legislation and capital cost constraints demand the utilization of membrane networks. The resulting mathematical programming models are non-linear (non-convex) integer linear programming. In this study, we analysed and studied the non-linear core of problem, and we proposed a general framework to represent the overall system. Preliminary results are presented on the numerical stability of the non-linear version of the mathematical framework presented. Results are compared with simulation based on a system actual in use in the LRGP laboratory.

Mots clés : non-linear programming, numerical analysis, mixed non-linear programming