Optimized architecture design for real-time distributed systems

Session : PPP-1 / Placement, Partionnement, Packing
Mercredi 10 février 11:00 - 12:20 Salle : CI2-22
Yasmina Seddik, Asma Mehiaoui et Sara Tucci-Piergiovanni

We consider the problem of deploying a functional graph (i.e. a graph where nodes are functions and arcs are exchanged signals) on a distributed architecture. The problem consists in placing functions (resp. signals) on processors (resp. communication channels), partitioning functions (resp. signals) in tasks (resp. messages) and determining the scheduling of the tasks and messages on the resources. The desired solution must satisfy real-time constraints and minimize time-related criteria. For this strongly NP-hard problem, we propose a mixed integer linear program, as well as a heuristic algorithm.

Mots clés : architecture design, placement, partitioning, scheduling