A Mass-flow Based MILP Formulation for the Inventory Routing with Explicit Energy Consumption

Session : LTSS4-1 / LTSS4 : Transport vert
Vendredi 12 février 10:30 - 11:50 Salle : Apollo
Yun He, Cyril Briand et Nicolas Jozefowiez

A new mass-flow based mixed integer programming formulation for the Inventory Routing Problem with explicit energy consumption is presented. In this formulation, flow variables describing the transported mass serve as a link between the inventory control and the energy estimation. Based on physical laws of motion, a new energy estimation model is proposed using parameters like vehicle speed, average acceleration rate and number of stops. The solution process contains two phases with different objectives: one with inventory and transportation cost minimization as in traditional inventory routing problem, the other with energy minimization. Using benchmark instances for inventory routing with parameters for energy estimation, experiments have been conducted. Finally, the results of these two solution phases are compared to analyze the influence of energy consumption to the inventory routing systems.

Mots clés : Inventory Routing Problem, Energy Minimization, Mixed Integer Linear Programming