A multimodal container transportation model to optimize the hinterland network of a seaport

Session : SS8-1 / SS8 : Conception des systèmes de production : Evaluation de performance et optimisation
Jeudi 11 février 15:00 - 16:40 Salle : RP7
Yulong Zhao, Nathalie Bostel, Lu Chen et Pierre Dejax

The objective of this work is to optimize the multimodal port-hinterland container transport system by enhancing the modes of railway and waterway. New policies aiming at improving the efficiency of multimodal transport are proposed to optimize the network between the port and its hinterland for imports and exports of containerized goods. A multimodal multiproduct network optimization set partitioning model is proposed to evaluate the measures by allocating the flows for the minimum total transport cost. The optimization measures considered consist of increasing the capacity of railway and waterway container transport and building new transfer terminals and intermodal links. The interests of these measures are evaluated by applying the specific multimodal, multiproduct freight transport network flow model.

Mots clés : intermodal transport, port hinterland, network optimization, set partitioning, column generation