A Multiple Search Operator Heuristic for the Max-k-cut Problem

Session : PPP-3 / Placement, Partionnement, Packing
Jeudi 11 février 15:00 - 16:40 Salle : CI2-22
Fuda Ma et Jin-Kao Hao

The max-k-cut problem is to partition the vertices of a weighted graph G = (V,E) into k>=2 disjoint subsets such that the weight sum of the edges crossing the different subsets is maximized. The problem is referred as the max-cut problem when k=2. In this work, we present a multiple operator heuristic (MOH) for the general max-k-cut problem. MOH employs five distinct search operators organized into three search phases to effectively explore the search space. Experiments on two sets of 91 well-known benchmark instances show that the proposed algorithm is highly effective on the max-k-cut problem and improves the current best known results (lower bounds) of most of the tested instances. For the popular special case k=2 (i.e., the max-cut problem), MOH also performs remarkably well by discovering 6 improved best known results. We provide additional studies to shed light on the alternative combinations of the employed search operators.

Mots clés : Max-k-cut and max-cut, Multi-strategy search, Multi-phased search, Heuristics